Peer-to-Peer Telemarketing

Elomark prides itself on providing the highest quality telemarketing service in the UK technology sector. Conversing with your market effectively is imperative for any new business campaign that seeks to ensure full market coverage in any meaningful sense. It remains the best way to open a two-way communication channel with potential customers. Our sales developers have credible, mutually productive conversations up to C-Suite level, and across the organisation.

Digital Outreach as a Service

Elomark provisions or complements existing digital initiatives. Accurate, comprehensive data and contact lists are central to technology companies’ contemporary marketing strategy- and multiplies effectiveness when enhanced. We validate and add to existing databases and can research separate lists for a specific purpose. Elomark also executes well, putting content in market for website visitors and publicizing industry events, or combining with telemarketing to drive attendance.

Social Media Optimization

The opportunity to publicize recent wins and latest offerings in the social online space is growing fast, year-on-year. Elomark updates and disseminates a consistent market message using social media activity to expand your network on sites such as Linkedin and Twitter. Based on what you are trying to achieve, Elomark will develop your online demand generation, syndicated content and advertising campaigns to achieve maximum impact.

Research for Market Success

Because sales is responsible for producing the revenue that ultimately funds campaigns, market intelligence is sometimes seen as secondary. But Elomark believes research is also crucial. Guiding strategy for product development and messaging so marketing and sales are both profit centres. Whether using digital, social media or the phone for market outreach, Elomark uses A/B testing and qualitative methods to give you the clearest market view.