About Us

Elomark’s philosophy is that demand generation doesn’t matter unless it delivers revenue. And it follows that we do everything to ensure that happens in campaigns. Taking responsibility for the opportunities we deliver- right through the sales cycle- because our focus is the same as yours: revenue.

We bridge the sales and marketing divide by understanding how each works today, what both need to fulfill their role, and formally agree a plan to achieve target. Then hone a telemarketing brief based on a deep understanding of your offering and what you need to be successful.

Only this consulting approach to market outreach really works- generating not only well qualified sales leads but deep insight, too. What is the market’s view of you as a supplier? How can we maximize the process to pipeline and close deals?

We answer these questions through a constant evaluation of why leads do or do not close, and manage your pipeline proactively so more of them do.

Who We Are

Elomark are technology professionals who believe there is a need for intelligent demand generation that serves sales and marketing together, equally well. Just as many enterprise IT solutions themselves open siloed information to all stakeholders who can turn it into profit, we do the same for your go-to-market operation.