Revenue and Insight Driven Tech Marketing

A unique approach to demand generation

Elomark integrates the sales and marketing functions, bridging the gap between generating leads and closing business, ensuring positive revenue outcomes.

Full Spectrum Technology Marketing

A turn-key solution in technology marketing

Our services combine into a complete demand generation engine with constant focus on quality and innovation.

End-to-End Marketing Strategy

Guarantee Return on Investment

By producing repeatable and scalable demand generation campaigns, we can guarantee a return on your investment.

What we do

Peer-to-Peer Telemarketing

We provide the highest quality telemarketing service in the UK technology sector. Our sales developers have credible, mutually productive conversations across the organisation.

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Digital Outreach as a Service

We validate and add to your existing databases to create accurate, comprehensive data and contact lists that are central to your companies’ overall marketing strategy.

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Social Media Optimization

We update and disseminate a consistent market message using social media activity. We develop your online demand generation to expand your network and achieve maximum impact.

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Who We Work With