Why Inside Sales is the Most Valuable Team in Your Business!

“What???, that’s ridiculous! They don’t even get us enough leads! “

Here are a few reasons why they should be:

  • They are often the initial ‘face of the business’ – particularly for prospects/new customers – You know that they say about first impressions!
  • They normally follow up on other marketing activities such as content marketing, web visits, events, webinars etc. They should not only be able to tell you what worked and what didn’t, but also why.  This can save a huge amount of money and help their colleagues in the marketing team refine their campaigns.
  • With outbound calling campaigns, they can reach contacts and organisations other marketing activities can’t.
  • They should generate and close opportunities either with or without colleagues in field sales
  • They speak to customers on a regular basis and can provide service and product development feedback that can help to differentiate your business
  • They probably speak to more prospects and customers than everyone else in your business combined.

Unfortunately, many organisations don’t have a clear goal, plan or often the inhouse resources to move the insides sales team from a fringe department to a highly skilled, insightful profit centre that can help every other area of the business.

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